FoodBe – Solution for F&B

Jun 07

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Based on the experience of implementing SERP for customers in restaurants / bars (foods & beverages), STS has built FoodBe – an advanced modern restaurant management solution – developed on the basis of SERP with custom add-ons to simplify restaurant business processes such as table selection / ordering / switching, as well as optimization of specialized features, while ensuring the advantages of SERP ( Full-featured, optional feature options, cost savings, high scalability).

Basic features on FoodBe (can be shortened or expanded according to customer requirements) include:

  • Business interface; It is designed to be intuitive, simple and user-friendly, helping to optimize restaurant processes, improving service quality.


Interface on mobile

  • Restaurant operation management: restaurant and mobile business management tools to accurately record the professional operations of the restaurant to help managers closely monitor business processes and intervene promptly time.
  • Kitchen Display application: application developed specifically for the kitchen, supporting mobile platform and tablet, helping the food after being called will automatically switch down and display on the screen and press the kitchen. After being completed, the dish will also be reported directly to the table runner. The application will save maximum time while improving customer service quality.


Kitchen Display application handy, clearly displayed

  • Quantitative management: simplifying warehouse management and purchasing. The system will automatically deduct inventory, bookkeeping as soon as a food / drink is paid, reduce inventory time, make accounting books as well as optimize the purchase management.
  • Supply management: simplify the management process, provide by convenient functions to support procurement and warehouse management at all units in the enterprise.
  • Manage businesses: control all economic activities Sales including Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management …
  • Reporting and Analysis Tool: integrate accurate and accurate analytical reports according to customers’ options to get a holistic view of the restaurant’s performance to make timely business decisions and effective.


Detailed report according to the option of restaurant management

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