NEM Fashion

Jun 07

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NEM is the leading fashion brand in Vietnam. Founded in 2002, NEM and finally creative and private and means in it.

Each month, NEM releases over 500 fashion models. NEM’s fashion line is now very diverse, ranging from high-end products for men and women to high-end products. Costume patterns based on market assessment information, research on world fashion trends and preferences of Vietnamese customers. At the same time, the costumes of NEM are always highly appreciated in anticipation of fashion trends in color, style, material handling … becoming the focal point of Vietnamese fashion village in each creation. Build new Collection.

The system of shops with uniform standards covers all major cities across the country and is located in “gold” neighborhoods.

Fashion NEM always tries to maintain a pioneering position in leading Vietnamese fashion trends.

Thank you for always supporting us!

Fashion NEM – Charming beauty French fashion!

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